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Golden Scholar Program, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

The Golden Scholars program is an opportunity for persons 60 years of age and over to take courses at a discounted rate without the stress of earning a grade. Examples of archaeology related classes offered under this program include: Intro to Anthropology, Principles of Archaeology, North American Archaeology and World Prehistory.  The program benefits:

  • Enroll in almost any Colorado Mesa University course

  • No grades will be assigned as the course is taken under a noncredit "audit" status.

  • The tuition rate is the sum of regular course fees plus $25 per credit hour for in classroom courses or $100 per credit hour for online courses for the no grade, audit status.

  • Easy library access with a Colorado Mesa University Student MAVcard

  • Computer access including e-mail, course downloads, and enhanced online access

  • Discounts on athletic and music/theatre events

  • Access to purchase a $35 per month Rec Center membership

    For more information go to , click on Registrar’s Office and then on Golden Scholars Program

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