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Who We Are

CAS-GJ is one of nine local chapters of the Colorado Archaeological Society. Our location in western Colorado puts us in the center of a region of a myriad of sites ranging from 11,000-year-old Folsom habitation sites, 4000-year-old Archaic rock shelters and the rock art and sites of the Fremont Culture and Ancestral Puebloans. The cultural evidence of pre-contact and historic Ute bands abounds as well as the traces of the Hispano and European explorers, fur traders, farmers, ranchers and the many phases of mining silver, gold, copper and uranium.


CAS-GJ consists of people who are interested in the archaeology and the early history of western Colorado and eastern Utah. Members are of all ages and backgrounds, some with extensive training in archaeology and others with more limited knowledge, but a strong desire to learn.

Mission Statement

As an affiliated chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society we are committed to the stewardship of archaeological resources in Colorado. We achieve this through public education, research, conservation, and enhanced opportunities for responsible participation in archaeology for interested individuals and organizations.

Chapter Bylaws

Please use this link to access a copy of our Chapter's Bylaws.

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